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4 things Arthur loves about Karen // Darvillan

1. The way her laugh lit up a room. The way it was so ridiculous and over the top, and when it went high pitched when something really made her laugh, and she almost toppled off her chair, which, naturally, caused her to laugh even more. And the way her nose crinkled when she laughed, a small, light laugh, and he couldnt help smiling at it, and the way it made her seem even more beautiful.

2. Her dazzling smile. How when he walks onto set in the morning, she always smiles at him, bounding up to him and telling him about something Matt had tripped over, or how Alex was back, or even just still sat in her seat, with a cup of coffee, it made his day and cheered him up. As long as she was smiling, he was smiling too.

3. Her hair. He remembered when she got the fringe and how Matt had laughed at her, and how Karen had gone bright red, and then smiled (that same, stunning smile) when Arthur said it looked nice. He had to quickly follow it up with an insult though. He loved the way it fell in front of her eyes, and she had to blow upwards to stop it doing so, huffing when it didnt work. And the colour, as she had commented, brighter than sunflowers, and brighter than anything he’d seen, knowing instantly it was her whenever he saw someone walking to set or to the Blue Box Cafe. 

4. Her sense of humour. It was over the top, quick witted, and oh so totally Karen. He didnt think he’d ever been with her, and she hadnt made him laugh. She would just open her mouth, and he knew it would be funny, by the way there was a little twinkle in her eyes, that said ‘I’m going to make you laugh, and you’ll split your sides’. He didnt care that one time he had spat coffee all over his script, or that she didnt know what a marrow was, because it was what he loved about her, and she wouldnt be Karen without it. 

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